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Nighttime express services from the specialist. Find out what makes us the "First Class" –nighttime express service provider and how we can contribute to your success.

About us

Night Star Express is a nighttime express operator with an efficient, optimally integrated network, providing customers with made-to-measure solutions for next-day delivery. This means we give our customers a competitive edge - and we do so reliably, carefully and competently.

As a cooperative operation involving 20 strong logistics operators throughout Germany and Europe we have been supplying our customers with professional services at the highest quality level for more than 20 years now, backed up by an experienced workforce of 650 and approx. 700 vehicles. The safe and punctual delivery of approx. 5 million shipments a year is clear evidence of satisfied customers.

Companies as Toyota, BMW, Iveco, Winkler Nutzfahrzeuge, Zeppelin Baumaschinen are only a few examples for satisfied customers, who benefits from our services.


Night Star Express specialises in the implementation of innovative premium nighttime express services within Germany and parts of Europe. The focus of all our operations is on the requirements of our customers. With our individual and personal service we gain the trust of our customers and create a long-term partnership.

Customer satisfaction is for us the benchmark against which we measure ourselves every day. For this reason we make sure that our customers are looked after by a skilled and well-qualified workforce. Opposite respect in dealings with our customers is self-evident for all of us.
By everything we do, we are permanently awake on our responsibility to the environment and the people, the animals and the botanical variety they lives in it. On this reason, we are aimed to stress the environment as less as possible to preserve the remaining resources. To achieve this goal, we choose the most efficiently way of using the necessary energy and materials.


With its 19 cooperation partners Night Star Express is always close to its customers - a country-wide network which derives its strengths from a strong base in the regions.

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